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Whitby Harbour with the ruined Abbey beyond. North Yorkshire, England (I'd rly like to go to Yorkshire)

Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

trevorgoyette: “ laterooms: “ Whitby Harbour with the ruined Abbey beyond. North Yorkshire, England (by John Hill on Fivehundredpx) ” Whitby, England ”

The Man-Cave and heteropatriarchy - an interesting discussion. What makes it a 'man-cave'? I like drinking, sports, cars and girls - as a woman, can I have a man-cave? As for the ball and chain trope, literally thousands of people are forced into arranged marriages that actually cause the end of their lives, so be thankful you can choose.

Also, men complain about being in marriages, but most of the time (because of traditional gender roles) men propose and initiate the marriage. So don't propose if you don't want marriage it isn't that hard to understand

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Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. So true.

Now see, I would go to church every day if at least one of my priests looked like that. I think I might have trouble paying attention though...

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SuperWhoLock as priests. Forgive me father for I am about to sin.

Ok so this is funny but I'm a Christian and I'm also mcr trash  and bisexual so just saying not all Christians are the same....

If Gerard goes to Hell bc of his sassy-ness I'd gladly join tbh, bc it's really quite pleasant except for the smell.

I'd watch it (even though I probably wouldn't be able to sleep for days/months)

I don't watch horror movies for reasons, but this is one of the big ones. I would watch them if characters actually too precautions.

Get a small tattoo that means a lot.

Check off list! I have a small tattoo on my left hip that my mom designed. It always reminds me of her ♡ Get a small tattoo that means a lot