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Exploding Flowers Reflected in Broken Mirrors

Exploding Flowers Reflected in Broken Mirrors

Ori Gersht, On Reflection

Ori Gersht / On Reflection

Israeli photographer Ori Gersht is known for his exploding bouquets’ pictures. In his series “On Reflection”, he used the medium of a broken m

Ori Gersht

Ori Gersht @ CRG gallery at ADAA gala. Apparently Gersht has a lot of shows coming up this year.

Ori Gersht

ArtAsiaPacific magazine is the leading English-language periodical covering contemporary art and culture from the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

ori gersht

Ori Gersht’s explosive take on Renaissance paintings

On Reflection, Material E22 (After J.Brueghel the Elder)_ “EXPLODING MIRRORS: THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF ORI GERSHT”


Exploding Mirrors: The Photographery of Ori Gersht Photographs of mirrors that are reflecting flowers, caught at an extremely high shutter speed while they are being electrocuted to the point of explosion!

London Fields, photography by Claire Harrison for Lucire Magazine - HUF Magazine

Floral Frenzy: London Fields, photography by Claire Harrison for Lucire Magazine - HUF Magazine

Laura Jones | Design*Sponge

Laura Jones

Banksias and autumn leaves - Laura Jones, 2014 Australian, oil on linen, 135 x

Ori Gersht Explodes Onto the Art Scene  (See corresponding VIDEO Art Piece!)

At Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, an Explosive Ori Gersht Exhibition (Photos)

Still from Israeli artist Ori Gersht's video Big Bang—an oddly beautiful recreation of century still life paintings and another example of why I love art in the century.

Ori Gersht | CRG Gallery

Conflicts may be the sources of defeat, lost life and a limitation of our potentiality but they may also lead to greater depth of living and the birth of more far-reaching unities, which flourish in the tensions that engender them — but does it float

Ori Gersht http://www.mummeryschnelle.com/enlargementpages/ori-3b.htm

"Chasing Good Fortune: Tokyo Imperial Memories, After Midnight", Ori Gersht, 2011

azuma makoto launches 50 year old botanical bonzai tree into outer space

azuma makoto sends 50 year old bonzai tree into space for exobiotanica project

Plants in Space, an exobiotanica - botanical space mission by Japanese artist Azuma Makoto and his crew. These so surreal-looking photos of plants in space