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That's what a lot of Hummingbird Summer is about. But it's also about not just making it through. It's about living. Living fully, even when your world is falling apart.

You'll have a scar." I recalled the scar on Oscar's wrist, the scars down Liam's back, and the scar across Addelai's lips. "It's okay," I told her. "All the strongest people do.

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Kat : I'll probrably be very seduced if I understood something Pete. I'm in high school and a average student.

"The prophet and the prince falling for each other. And then there's you, the snomad' sole leader. Not a common occurence in the Horrim, is it--just one leader? But there's just you, the lonely wolf with...no one." Rey rushed forward, eyes blazing, but was stopped by the shackles on her wrists. "Because you killed him! Setri was killed by you!"

"It's a bit tragic, isn't it?" He smiles, her blood on his white teeth, her broken body at his feet.

Submitted by  on Reddit. Lost Creek in Paradise Park Mount Hood Oregon [OC] - Nick Gallo [1393x2477]

Lost Creek in Paradise Park, Mount Hood, Oregon [OC] - Nick Gallo