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I burst out laughing when I saw this photo.  So hilarious! The caption's really funny, too!

This is really very funny dog picture. I am not sure if this is for real or made way editing. If its for real I dont know what the dog on the back side is trying to do or figure out. I found this very very funnny. LoL can you hear me now We got …

You can trust me. I will not cut off your Balls

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Bear And Rabbit: Dirty Fur by serkan - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

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The last selfie

The last selfie. A cat takes his last selfie while getting caught by dogs. This is so funny.

17 Animal Memes Only Lazy People Will Understand

17 Animal Memes Only Lazy People Will Understand

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This made me literally LOL really loud at scared the crap outta my car she fell off her perch

Every time someone tells me to act natural.

Does that sign have a funny pun or double meaning that deer find hilarious? Funny road signs not just for people