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LOvely Animal

LOvely Animal

A Place in the Country. Always protect. Humans should not be allowed to eat these precious animals. She has a face...

Spring lamb ~ Jesus left the 99 sheep to seek out the little lamb that was lost ~ he appeals to those who stray from the Truth, to return to the protection of God's organization ~

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Funny pictures about A baby giraffe called Margaret. Oh, and cool pics about A baby giraffe called Margaret. Also, A baby giraffe called Margaret.

not quite a horse but still adorable

photo of Clovercrest Chiquita from Donkey & Mule Society of NZ photos.

Baby bears fell asleep in the middle of play.

"The idea of wilderness needs no defense. It only needs more defenders." ~ Edward Abbey Black Bear Cubs Sleeping These cubs, started wrestling in this cottonwood tree, then promptly fell asleep in the middle of their play

They may be loud, obnoxious, and stubborn, but hey, so am I. I'd so get one if I lived in the country.

Donkeys - arguably the noblest beasts in all of the animal kingdom. The ass is sober, patient, sure-footed, has good stamina and contrary to common belief is not stubborn. African and Asian wild asses are the same species as the domestic donkey.

Mini Donkeys Are Just The Dream Pet Of Us All!

Mini Donkeys Are The Perfect Pets cute animals kids adorable kid story animal pets baby animals children stories funny animals heart warming

baby miniature donkey - Bing Images

baby miniature donkey- i had a baby mini donkey born today that looks exactly like this. I need suggestions on names for my baby donkey.

Dog bottle feeding a lamb

THE SPRINGER SPANIEL AND HIS LAMB This picture could stop wars. Jess the spaniel’s owner taught the dog to feed lambs with a bottle, and now the dog has totally taken over lamb-feeding duties. World peace!