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Largely confined to a platform of ice, a newborn harp seal begins to shed its white coat after two weeks, about the time its mother leaves. Photograph by Jennifer Hayes and David Doubilet.

Furka by Axel Hütte

Furka by Axel Hütte

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Connery Pond, Adirondack State Park, New York, United States.

Connery Pond Fall, Adirondack State Park, New York --- by Chris Tennant on

Gastric Rainbow. This section through a mouse stomach shows where food is digested (black area near the top) by enzymes and acids made by the green and magenta cells, respectively, while the red cells lining the stomach's surface secrete mucus to protect the stomach from self-digestion. | The Scientist Magazine®

This brilliant gastric image comes just in time for lunch through much of the Western Hemisphere - mouse stomach section with mucous-secreting cells (red) along stomach lining & acid-producing cells (green & magenta).

Tomography Real life complexity inside an insulin-producing pancreas cell. Cells like this contain thousands of membrane-enclosed compartments. Each color represents a structure with a unique function and composition.

Art based on what occurs inside an insulin producing beta-cell. I dont have mine anymore, so I might as well put some up on the wall!