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It's prevalent with adults also - srf ... BULLIES    No worst than any other sin. But it is getting worst. Violence is increasing. Lack of love and compassion are growing. I deal with the results of these remarks every day, because the ones who have been hurt tell me about it. Deeps wounds. God will take of the bullies in due time. Brutal, lacking in compassion people can destroy you, or make you stronger. I faced a bully once. She was intent on destroying me. God won! I chose to become…

Signs of Teenage Depression -Teenage Suicide and Prevention

But true. Let us all stop this bullying thing. SHARE this message to everyone. Little acts can do greater things.

Makes me cry. Its human nature to at some point in life hurt someone, whether purposefully or accidentally. But for someone to hear all these stories of suicides and to continue to contribute to this bullying, it astounds me. Life may be hard for you but feel some compassion. Think about what you post because someone might not have a chance to think about what they do when they react to your hate mixed with all the others in the heat of the moment. Its really sad

please read this. It takes a few kind words to save someone's life. It takes a few cruel words to take someone's life.

Reblog if you are against: gay jokes, homophobia, anti-gay bashing, "that's so gay", bullying, gay teen suicides, ignorance, inequality, hate #lgbt

I say 'that's so gay' but it's like a mix of sarcasm and me recognising a part of the community I'm a part of. I think gay jokes are funny if they come from gay people.

At my school the kids talk about it but they only make jokes or don't take it seriously like thinking they're depressed when they're just sad

we have this at our school in England - mental health first aid. we're taught to find and help someone with mental health issues with out harming them further.

Check out the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program! The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is designed to improve peer relations and make schools safer, more positive places for students to learn and develop. Currently, FCS has 26 schools implementing the program!

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is designed for students in elementary, middle, and junior high schools (students ages five to fifteen years old).

You can change the world in ways you can't imagine just by existing in it. You can change people's lives without even realizing it. There is no one who is just like you. You would be missed if you left.

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it is so sad but I know a lot of people who might be needing this. One of them is me and like it will do to those people, it helped me❤️so please repost, it could save a life or make a life livable again

Of course! I'd even bloody drive to their house no matter how far is way it is and talk to them the whole way there.

I'd even bloody drive to their house no matter how far it is and talk to them the whole way there. <<<< Even if I didn't knew the person

PLEASE share this!!!

I feel like you just shouldn't do this because you are a decent human being. But if you aren't a decent human being, remember this.

Stay strong. I know times are tough. I know how much you want to. But hey look at you now! You're showing how strong you are by not eating, cutting , or burning. I promise if i can do it then the hell you can too

hey little fighter, it can't rain forever. ~ depression ~ self-harm ~ horrible sadness between sweet little brackets, don't give up on me, ok?