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The Art of Application Performance Testing: Ian Molyneaux - IT eBooks - pdf

This practical book provides a step-by-step approach to testing mission - critical applications for scalability and performance before they're deployed - a vital topic to which other books devote one chapter, if that.

The Book of Qt 4: Daniel Molkentin - IT eBooks - pdf

Cross-platform development is a kind of holy grail, and Trolltech's Qt toolkit may well be the most promising solution yet to this development challenge. Qt is widely used for the development of GUI applications as well as console tools and servers, and

The Art of Readable Code: Dustin Boswell, Trevor Foucher - IT eBooks - pdf

As programmers, we've all seen source code that's so ugly and buggy it makes our brain ache. Over the past five years, authors Dustin Boswell and Trevor Foucher have analyzed hundreds of examples of bad code (much of it their own) to determine why

PHP CLI: Rob Aley - IT eBooks - pdf

This concise book shows you how to create PHP Command Line Interface (CLI) scripts, including user interaction and scripts to automate and assist your workflow. Learn to quickly create useful and effective Command Line software and scripts using the

Nginx: Rahul Soni - IT eBooks - pdf

Nginx: From Beginner To Pro PDF - books library land

The Art of Concurrency: Clay Breshears - IT eBooks - pdf

If you're looking to take full advantage of multi-core processors with concurrent programming, this practical book provides the knowledge and hands-on experience you need. The Art of Concurrency is one of the few resources to focus on implementing

Nginx Essentials: Valery Kholodkov - IT eBooks - pdf

Nginx is an open source and cross-platform reverse proxy server designed for low memory usage and high performance and concurrency. This book provides both basic and in-depth knowledge to help you effectively solve challenges with Nginx, or comfortably

Debug It!: Paul Butcher - IT eBooks - pdf

Professional programmers develop a knack of unerringly zeroing in on the root cause of a bug. This book captures all this experience - use it, and you'll

Pro PHP Security, 2nd Edition: Thomas Myer, Chris Snyder, Michael Southwell - IT eBooks - pdf

Pro PHP Security, Edition: Thomas Myer, Chris Snyder, Michael Southwell - IT eBooks - pdf

Migration to HTML5 and CSS3 How-to

Instant Migration To And How-to free ebook