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What beautiful eyes!

Abyssinian Cat Breeds

OML I'm dying, this is a GORGEOUS dog, whoever thought pit bulls are dangerous never owned a Shepard, Shepards are more likely to go rough than pit bulls

I make my husband tell me the story of how we got our rescue allllll of the time. (Yes, like a child. HA!)

I own a rescue pitbull. People think pitbulls are aggressive dogs, but Jasmine (my dog) is affectionate and docile - reminds me of the dog in this picture.

Pitbull puppy enjoying the sun

20 Fabulous Dog Haircuts And Hilarious Dog Hairstyles

Crappy day cured. I love this face. Thank you Ollie Knucks  #adoptrescuefoster #pitbull #rescuefamily @nwdogproject

I love this face. Thank you Ollie Knucks adoptrescuefoster pitbull rescuefamily nwdogproject