Quote form Jace Herondale ~ CITY OF BONES

Quote form Jace Herondale ~ CITY OF BONES (posting this while wearing a shirt that says the exact same thing

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If I had to tell this to your face I couldn't make myself go as long as I can dream I will dream of you

The Mortal Instruments

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"I'm pure at heart. It repels the dirt." The Mortal Instruments Book Two City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare Reading gives you great quotes.

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Jace just ruins the romantic moment well almost a romantic moment but still kinda feel sorry for him being in the middle. I love malec more than any other ships in the Shadow Hunter series.


Picks up the kids toy and wipes it off i hand it to him he was so happy to have it back that he hugged me i hug him back and he says thank you i told him it was no problem when i hear a aww still hugging the kid i look behind me and see you