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Its Tyler who gave sm the idea to form nct then.. Unlimited amount of members, or like 30....dammit Tyler!

sunglasses$0 on

I love Tyler Oakley, but seriously.APiece has 21 members and I can hardly handle them how dare you suggest more! MY FEELS CANT HANDLE ANYMORE <- I heard sm prepared a band's project with 40 boys xD


(VIXX - N is the leader of the group. he has the silver hair.

natural forms are beautiful... I was waiting for the deep pics... Not disappointed

natural forms are beautiful

I just laughed in public like a total idiot I hate you all xD

STRESS XD lol big byung in the house ya

STRESS lol big byung in the house

Depends on me - VIXX #Ken #Hyuk

fyhaken: “ haken in the ‘depend on me’ teasers ”