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How to make a Rilkkuma tissue pouch.

Made 2 Rilakkuma X Korilakkuma tissue case. For the borders around the bears, I used blanket stitch this time. Rilakkuma x Korilakkuma

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Home & Decor Home & Decor Cute Cartoon Octopus Tissue Paper Box Holder-red: Home & Kitchen on Wanelo

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Cute Bear, Panda and Rabbit on Big Yellow Bus Tissue Holder DIY Felt Craft Kit OR Finished Product from Esty

You need:        Tissue Paper in 2 or 3 Colors      White Glue      Plastic Cookie Cutter      Heavy Paper or Felt      Jewelry Craft Pins      j_bear.gif (7711 bytes)Petroleum Jelly      Scissors      Plastic Plate      Disposable Bowl      Microwave Oven      Low Temp Glue Gun    wpe1.jpg (4097 bytes)Instructions:    Trace around the inside of the cookie cutter on felt or heavy paper. Cut out. Coat the inside of the cookie cutter with petroleum jelly. Place it on a plastic plate also…

Make tissue paper Valentine pins for Mom. Made with tissue paper, glue and a…