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The people you love become ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive. - Lucia Capella to Leland Atley

Over the past decade, Scottish artist Robert Montgomery has created text and light installations across the world consisting of short poems made from neon, wood, and fire. Photo by Robert Montgomery.

bit of yellow

DECOR - Nice rug for modern rooms, adds colour without being too dramatic. I can see this with some black and darker grey pieces for a real modern look.

by Raphael Hefti. «Subtraction as Addition» 2012 Luxar coated glass is a product used to eliminate reflection. Through the repeated layering of the treatment, reflection is reintroduced creating a surface with variable optical behaviour, reacting to the  ambient light conditions of the space. Dimension 120 x 220 x 3cm

Raphael Hefti often works with material processes and in this work, he uses a glass coating process which is used for the production of ‘museumglass’. By exaggerating and repeating this process, the large sheets of glass evolve with variable optical behav

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