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Horse shoes with zipper | virtualshoemuseum.com. This has to work for a costume

horse hoof shoes (but please not real horse hooves).i dreamed of this idea a couple years ago and keep seeing it visualized now. very fun.

Hand Soaps. Yes, little hands that are soaps. Very creepy, but perfect for Halloween!

Is your regular hand soap just not creepy enough? Then get a bag of Handsoap, which is hand soap shaped into little baby hands. Each 'hand' is hand made out of goat’s milk glycerin and has a light scent.

LOUIS VUITTON. Omg I would kill for these!!

Christian Louboutin Eiffel Tower Shoes - not that I would ever wear these, if you can even walk in them but interesting idea.

DIY T-Rex Heels: These need to be part of my life.

Funny pictures about Just A Pair Of T-Rex Heels. Oh, and cool pics about Just A Pair Of T-Rex Heels. Also, Just A Pair Of T-Rex Heels photos.

Pair with an old singlet or hairy armpits for maximum effect.

"Flip-Flops" for the Fish Lover! So basically, the fish lovers wear dead fish around on their feet, uh, hello

LMAO!  I'm dying!  Can't stop laughing!

If I were life guarding and I saw this I would die laughing lol then proceed to tell her she may have put her swimsuit on backwards lol! But only after laughing and texting all my friends. horrible, but true lol!

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creepy and strange. spider and insects woman's high heel shoes. creeps me out

Flow Like The Wind Romper - Pink

Flow Like The Wind Romper - Pink