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Horse shoes with zipper | virtualshoemuseum.com. This has to work for a costume

horse hoof shoes (but please not real horse hooves).i dreamed of this idea a couple years ago and keep seeing it visualized now. very fun.

Hand Soaps. Yes, little hands that are soaps. Very creepy, but perfect for Halloween!

Aren’t these itty-bitty baby hands just adorable? It’s like they’re reaching up to the heavens to touch God’s fingers. Well, they’re not baby hands. They’re soaps. And they’re actually reaching up to strangle you.

beyond amazing!!  Ironically I have drawn these shoes before! I think they are meant to be in my closet

Christian Louboutin Eiffel Tower Shoes - not that I would ever wear these, if you can even walk in them but interesting idea.


"Flip-Flops" for the Fish Lover! So basically, the fish lovers wear dead fish around on their feet, uh, hello

i love shoes, but this... never!!!!

What fashion lover doesn't love shoes? I've compiled the strangest shoes in fashion today that even the biggest fashionista may or may not love. These shoes are innovative, funny, and some are even disturbing.

Old School Video Game Inspires New Age Art

Funny pictures about Tetris nails. Oh, and cool pics about Tetris nails. Also, Tetris nails photos.

Good Boy” et “Good Puppy” sont deux lampes au design assez spécial, imaginées par l’artiste anglais Whatshisname. Ces lampes en formes de deux chiens en pleine déjection s’accompagne de leurs interrupteurs, qui complètent parfaitement le tableau…

Pooping Dog – Les lampes étranges de Whatshisname

Unusual Lamp with Dogs Poop Switch Button The design may look bizarre; some people perhaps will say it is odious. But for me, the Pooping Dog Lamps created

Super awesome bermuda shorts - gotta hook some of these for the studly men in my life...

If someone ever gives you an ugly knit sweater for Christmas, ok whatever, wear it once and make them happy. If someone ever gives you a pair of knit shorts, never wear them.