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I won't you died for us and I thank you for that

Not doing it for the miracle I'm doing it because I love God and I'm not ashamed to repost Him. Any true Christian won't care what people think about their love of God, they will just repost without question.

I am always here for you guys you never need to worry about me judging you and I will try to help as best I can. Love you guys. xx

I love venting. I love listening to people vent. It proves that all people have sucky days no matter how good there over all life is.


Idk if this kind of stuff really matters to God but I'll repost cause I'm definitely not for the devil. And if ur reading this u will NOT die just because a post says so.

Omg Phil I just can't

Like this is a total joke. It's fried at and I received news that my grandmother died. This is the worst news I could've gotten thanks for nothing

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I hate cancer and I hope that people don't joke about it and that they find a cure soon

so sad #REPOSTED

so sad #REPOSTED


Well, unless it's like gay people making gay jokes, bc i always joke about being part of LGBT+ and I am part of it so yea

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So sad omg but think about how is tht child going to grow up knowing her mom died for her she is going to wonder were is my mommy thts so sad god will watch over the child>> rest in peace you kind women i hope your child is in good hands