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Willard Wigan's Micro-Sculptures

Willard Wigan's Micro-Sculptures


Golden Harley Willard Wigan Can Create Sculptures In The Eyes Of Needles.

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Interview with Willard Wigan 2010 by Freelance writer Chris High.


Willard Wigan - Micro Sculptor - Tailor of Gloucester - that mouse is fantastic

Universe in the eye of a needle.....  To see more about Wigan and his incredible work, check out his website.

Willard Wigan, Micro Sculptor often displays his work in needles eyes. The Earth, against a starry background, is an amazing example.

Willard Wigan's Amazing Micro Sculptures : the amazing hulk breaks out of the eye of a needle !

Willard Wigan's Amazing Micro Sculpture

Take the time to click through to the TED link to hear Willard Wigan tell his personal story and the back story to several of his micro-sculpture, including the Hulk, in July 2009

English artist Willard Wigan creates micro sculptures that are so small, they fit inside the eye of a sewing needle

Willard Wigan -art in the eye of a needle, only visible through a microscope. So awed by his exhibition!