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clary, jace, isabelle et alec prefer the books ..the movie was okay but lets all admit it the series are awful

Clary has the angelic rune, Jace has the speak in tongues rune, Izzy has the block rune, and last but not least Alec has the strength rune.

if you are a shadowhunter you cna see this

Only shadowhunters can see what's there. I'm a shadowhunter! - The Mortal Instruments omg it's the angelic rune

clace - Szukaj w Google

No one can be hotter than Jace. I mean the movie Jace, yeah sure everyone can. But the book Jace.


Props, different designs for shadowhunters steles alec's is so plain and valentines looks like he is a cerielkiller Jaces looks like he's hot and so does Izzy's we all know their personality's now