Costume for Keira Knightley from The Duchess.

The "Drunken Dress" worn by Kiera Knightley as Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, in "The Duchess"


Rear view of Robe a la Polonaise ~ 1780 ~ cream linen, gold embroidery, metal ~ Metropolitan Museum of Art

1770-1775  Robe à la française o Andrienne in tessuto broccato a trame lanciate.

I have pinned this to my fabrics board becuse I love the color! Robe a la francaise ca. From the Museo del Costume Raffaello Piraino

From The Duchess

Keira Knightley Drunken Dress costume in 'The Duchess', Late Century Georgian costumes by Michael O'Connor.

Robe à la française with Matching Stomacher and Petticoat: ca. 1760, English, Spitalfields silk brocade, trimmed with metallic lace and gauze. "...At Spitalfields in the East End of London, the silk industry was developed around 1700. During the mid-1800s, the high quality of Spitalfields' designs and fabrics rivalled the well-renowned textiles of Lyon, France. Queen Charlotte (1744–1818), wife of English King George III, willingly wore the dress of Spitalfields silk fabrics to encourage…

Dress ("robe à la française")c. Material: Off-white Spitalfields silk brocade of gold, silver, and polychrome threads with plant pattern; trimmed with gold lace and silver gauze; matching stomacher and petticoat.

18+century+dress+ruffled+sleeve+%40vintage+copywriting.JPG 1 200×1 600 pixels

Vintage Copywriting: Vintage Gallery Kenneth Sanderson's Century Dress Sleeve for opening of show,

Marie Antoinette's Peacock Gown - 18th century court. Note: neck lace ...

The Affair of the Necklace costume designer, Mileno Canonero. The costumes for the movie are stunning. It's almost worth sitting through Hilary Swank's horrific performance to see the garb (almost).

Medieval dress

Middle Ages Fancy Dress - Ladies Medieval Tudor Costume And Headdress Size 6 - 8 - Medieval Costumes - Medieval Fancy Dress

Court Gown for Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette’s two-piece court dress, attributed to dressmaker Marie Jeanne “Rose” Bertin,