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good fun workouts

Based on the movements of young children, this freewheeling Primal Move workout puts the fun back into fitness.

You can always work on your posture. i know mine's bad from sitting at a desk all day....

Fix Your Posture to Maximize Muscle

Excellent magazine for women in fitness. health-fitness just-do-it great-abs workout-inspiration fat-loss workout-inspiration

Fit From Scratch: Living Room Boot camp Workout - completed advanced level 3/1/13 with 40s work/10s rest, 1min rest between circuits. Pretty sweaty! Replaced one C2 with an arms workout.

Fit From Scratch: Living Room Boot camp Workout - completed advanced level with rest, 1 min rest between circuits. Replaced one with an arms workout.

How to lose fat in your thighs

What was wrong with the before picture god my thighs spread past the chairs I sit in and she thought she needed to slim her thighs

@Melissa Scott you need to check out her "at-home" workouts.

Silent Killer Workout (for those times when your workout needs to be quiet, like when the kid is asleep). BodyRock and the workouts are quick min!) and effective.

I sweat more during this workout than my usual treadmill run!!  The lunges were very challenging since I'm not used to them, but Iike using a lot of different muscles!  Will definitely keep doing!

Shape Up: How to Do a 1-Hour Workout in 30 Minutes

Do we actually think Lauren Conrad does this or does she simply not eat?) That said, it looks like a good workout as long as the room is empty . Treadmill Interval Workout -- Shape Up: How to Do a Workout in 30 Minutes

So You Want to Run Faster? These 3 Methods Will Help

Run Your Fastest Race Ever With These 3 Tips

Memory loss, dementia, and alzheimers strips away your normal way of living. See how you can prevent these ailments, reverse the effects, and boost your overall brain power in the process