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I know. That's thing about working with people someone always slips up. Truth comes out. Thanks for letting me have it confirmed by the grapevine. You truly are a lousy person and everyone else knows too.

Scorpios have an intuition like you've never known. Just because you think you're getting away with something doesn't mean you are. We keep quiet until the time is perfect.

Life is short

Life is Short Quote Art PVC Vinyl Removable Decal Home Decor Mural Wall Sticker -- Life is Short break the rules forgive quickly kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.

Well if this is true I know someone that should stop worrying about my family and start worrying about hers..... The funny thing is she is not intelligent enough to know this is about her and not her kids, and I am sure ours will be just fine

We are so excited to announce our first Mommy and Me fitness classes. What better way to lead by example then working out with your mini-me. Our mission is to live by example for our kids and our …

Rather than being annoyed, be amused. Instead of getting angry, become curious. In place of envy, feel admiration. Life is too short to argue, fight or be negative in any way. Count your blessings, value the people who matter and move on from the drama with your head held high. - via: http://www.marcandangel.com/2014/09/07/10-toxic-behaviors-that-kill-your-confidence/

Here's to not complicating the process. Smile, life isn't that serious. We make it hard. The sun rises. The sun sets. We just tend to complicate the process.

Be picky

So true. Surround yourself with positive people with goals and values

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"Don't let your fears become boxes that enclose you. Open them out, feel them and turn them into the greatest courage you are capable of"  - Shah Rukh Khan

"Don't let your fears become boxes that enclose you. Open them out, feel them and turn them into the greatest courage you are capable of" - Shah Rukh Khan

Food for thought...

Don’t Let the Concept of Change scare you as much as the prospect of remaining unhappy. Well, happiness is a state of mind, So maybe this should say "remaining miserable" ?

This should be the meaning of "You are so beautiful".

Lets remember this. All the beautiful clothes and all the gorgeous makeup in the world cannot change an ugly heart nor will it outdo a beautiful heart. Be beautiful in what you do and say stay lovely girlies :)