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Crying at your own funeral

Thing is that if this is the thought the child had about their parents when they got a D on a test in elementary school, then like. What are the parents telling her/him?

This is my sister!

Who would've thought that a box of cheez-its could restore someone's faith in humanity. Sooo like my sister.

HAHAHAHA can't tell if the noise is firecrackers or gunshots!

Funny story: I was actually outside one time cleaning our pool and i heard a bang. To sum it up, i freaked out and never learned if it was a gunshot or a firecracker. but being in the south i have to see that it was probably a gunshot in a small city .

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More the first half because my thighs are too fat

more of the second half tho because i mean we are talking about ME here 💅🏼👑💁🏻

Grandma is the winner.nianeleader - http://asianpin.com/grandma-is-the-winner-nianeleader/

Grandma is the winner.



OP sounds like a dog who was cursed into being a person and now has to live a sad, boring person life.

I still use exclamation marks for everything! People get annoyed sometimes :p! <<< Idk I don't really use exclamation points that much bc I'm not always overly happy lmao