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USS ZUMWALT -- DDG 1000 -- Heading out for Sea Trials Monday morning December 7, 2015. As it passes Fort Popham.

USS Zumwalt is a guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy.

MaritimeQuest - USS Towers DDG-9 (Ex DD-959) Page 1

I worked on the Towers DDG A CF Adams class destroyer while anchored off the coast of Masira, Oman. I was checking their Mk 75 rangefinder when we were buzzed by a SEPECAT Jaguar. We tracked the Jet with the gun director no problem.

“USS KIDD” (DD-661) was a (376') Fletcher Class Destroyer (Honors 12 Battle Stars) Commissioned: 23 April 1943 – Crew: 329 Officers and Enlisted - Armament: 5 x 5 Inch (127mm) Guns, 14 x 40mm AA Guns (3 Twin and 2 Quad Mounts 12 x 20mm AA Guns (6 Twin) 5 x 21 Inch (533mm) Torpedo Tubes (1 x 5 Tube Launcher) 6 x Depth Charge K-Gun Throwers and 2 x Depth Charge Tracks -  Decommissioned: 19 June 1964 - Museum ship in Baton Rouge, La

USS Kidd a Fletcher-class destroyer, was the first ship of the United States Navy to be named after Rear Admiral Isaac C.

In 1959, the SS United States comes into Newport News for it's annual "check up" and passes The Forrestal , still under construction

In the SS United States comes into Newport News for its annual "check up" and passes The Forrestal, still under construction. We boated over to see the ship being built from Willoughby Spit in Norfolk

F63 HMS Scarborough

HMS Scarborough, British, Royal Navy Type 12 anti-submarine frigate

USS Wyoming, BB-32, 1919. Yes, those are four twin turrets aft of the masts. Armed with 12 12-inch guns.

USS Wyoming passing through the Panama Canel 29 Jul - USS Wyoming (BB 25 Sep 1912 / 1 Aug 1947 Sold to Lipsett, Inc., New York, for scrapping 30 Oct

How 300 U.S. Sailors Drowned Off The Coast of Nova Scotia Which Was Then Covered Up For Years - https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/how-300-u-s-sailors-drowned-off-the-coast-of-nova-scotia-which-was-then-covered-up-foryears.html

War time propaganda was used by both the Nazis and the Allies during World War Two.