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What a fancy looking bug!

The beetle family Phengodidae is known also as glowworm beetles, whose larvae are known as glowworms.’ (via Project Noah) who did her hair like this

Amazing Golden Cocoon Butterfly (this is real, at least the cocoon part is real. )

Amazing Golden Cocoon Butterfly

Funny pictures about Amazing Golden Cocoon Butterfly. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Golden Cocoon Butterfly. Also, Amazing Golden Cocoon Butterfly photos.

(Siwanowicz 2014)

A Rhombodera Praying Mantis Picture: Igor Siwanowicz / Barcroft Media (Mutated creature inspiration).

カラパイアより. A lizard.

You know your loved when someone sends you a LOVE LIZZARD!~~love lizard by Hendy Mp~~

Feather-horned Beetle  | How's about these lashes, ladies?  | Maybe its Maybeline, maybe its not! Haha :-D

Feather Horned Beetle with Long Bushy 'Eyebrows'(Rhipicera femorata): Males use their fantastic (hah!) antennae to locate a female feather-horned beetle that’s emitting pheromones which indicate she is ready for mating. Photo by ron_and_beth.

かわいい動物 - 全330枚 Twitterで話題の人気画像まとめ 新着順2ページ目

かわいい動物 - 全330枚 Twitterで話題の人気画像まとめ 新着順2ページ目

Awesome looking Mantis

Large Brown Mantis (also known as the Stick Mantis or Australian Mantis) is a species of mantid native to Australia

Blue Tarantula

ANTILLES PINKTOE TARANTULA (juvenile) (Avicularia versicolor) ©igor siwanowicz Note: This is a corrected post. Thanks to for notifying me that the cobalt blue tarantula was mis-identified, it was actually this tarantula — a juvenile.