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Bat-family by Alex Ross. Today is my birthday! On the past two years, I shared this very favorite piece of comics art to celebrate and say thank you for the milestones of 100 and then 400 followers. Well, you lovely people have done it again, just recently giving this blog over 700 followers! Thank you all!

mylifeinmagic: batmans-tardis: feministbatgirl: The Bat-family by Alex Ross AKA the best comic illustrator. BATMAN From the belfry: family portrait.

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Best Art Ever (This Week) - Superman Anniversary Edition - ComicsAlliance

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Batman 530 Deadman dc comics cover Dark Knight Prince of Gotham

BAT011.jpg (600×842)

Here are some ol' school, classic Batman comic book covers that Adam West would go crazy for and Christopher Nolan would probably cringe at.

Action Comics #52, september 1942, cover by Fred Ray.

Another beautiful and patriotic WWII-era cover by Fred Ray, for ACTION COMICS. A great use of primary colors to pop the figures forward–that yellow in the background could not be any stronger or richer. It’s largely been forgotten now, but three of.

A blog featuring covers to imaginary comic books featuring the greatest team ups that never happened... but should have!

Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues!: The Avengers in Crisis