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Jensen Ackles - 2016 Dallas Con

Not gonna point out the obvious.

Smile at Misha

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I need a new board, "Jensen Ackles Arm Porn"

Jensen “I was doing The Blue Steel” Ackles (JIB6)

Jensen “I was doing The Blue Steel” Ackles

Jensen at JIB con 2016

- JIB Con 2016 - those damn arms.

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Like honestly

When your sibling fake cries, this was my face for most of my childhood.

ChiCon 2013 Jensen Ackles looking perfect as usual


“ is out to get me, I know it.



Jensen Ackles

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It's death by Jensen at Jibcon time again! - the con that keeps on giving!!!

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Jensen at Vancon, those arms haha

a-winchester-by-choice: “ Manly Monday 💪🏼 ” Arm


Nut up, Winchester!