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Arbre à Vent, l'albero eolico che produce energia debutta a Parigi

Biometric Energy Trees - Aeroleaves - After decades of decimation, rendering the natural resources almost extinct, the world today after much coercion and

Active Design Guidelines

The Active Design Guidelines provides architects and urban designers with a manual of strategies for creating healthier buildings, streets, and urban spaces, based on the latest academic research and best practices in the field.

Deborah O'Hare : art quilt

PCI has wind turbine technician schools in Kansas City. You can earn your wind turbine technician certification.

The Afghan countryside is riddled with ten million landmines. Since their locations are unknown, there’s no intelligent way to make the landscape safe. So the designer Massoud Hassani has invented a machine that meanders across the terrain by chance, propelled by the winds, detonating bombs as it tumbles over them, mapping their whereabouts by GPS. Built with forty dollars worth of recycled bamboo and plastic, his “Mine Kafon” is  beautiful in concept. currently at the Museum of Modern Art

That Mine Detonator At MoMA? Just Think Sculpture.

Massoud Hassni transformed a childhood toy into a giant wind-powered mine sweeper made of bamboo and biodegradable plastic.

We all know how important it is for kids to get outside and exercise their bodies. Most parents also realize that it is just as important for kids to exercise their minds and grow through creative play. The playgrounds designed by newly-formed design group Free Play are meant to allow kids the k ...

Modern Playgrounds That Spark Creative Thinking In Children - PSFK

interactive public art installation - functional and aesthetically amazing - Water and Play

(Via TimberPlay Scotland)

Light rail in Barcelona

Light Rail in Barcelona (Spain)

Pinar del Perruquet Park

Gallery of "Pinar de Perruquet" Park / Arteks Arquitectura - 3

HQB-diagram-1  Illustrator and autocad were probably used to create diagram.  I appreciate how easily I can interpret the diagram.

Gallery of Hua Qiang Bei Road / Work AC - 13

Image 13 of 21 from gallery of Hua Qiang Bei Road / Work AC.

Bike through fast food.

Why McDonald's Built A Drive-Thru Exclusively For Cyclists To Bike Through

Bike through fast food.

Windworks Furniture Made by Wind

wind knitting factory - windworks furniture by merel karhof >>> Merel Karhof's wind-powered knitting machine produces colorful, wool upholstery for her furniture factory, Windworks.

The labyrinth (10 Cal Tower) by Supermachine studio,  Bang Saen Beach, a coastal resort 60 miles east of the Thai capital.

Supermachine Studio, Wison Tungthunya · 10 Cal Tower, The Labyrinth


large pinwheels made without templates pattern will be released soon

New Generation of Responsible & Aware Consumers & Employees

Hyper-aware Generation Z is the most resistant to irresponsible business practices, new research finds

Person Parking, an urban intervention

Person Parking, an urban intervention

Urban Intervention, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture Design

Massoud Hassani Turns Childhood Toy into Wind-Powered Mine Sweepers

Afghani designer Massoud Hassani transformed a childhood toy into a giant bamboo minesweeper powered by the wind. There are more land mines in Afghanistan than