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I made it just for fun XD It is my first funny picture in my life, but The Avengers opened this "talent" XDDD I noticed one little thing in THOR and Ave. Loki, we love you XD

innerly screaming this a day ; would kill for his answer X__x Loki Passion: [link] Loki scream

I like the little face on Mjolnir and the rest of the Avengers faces. Thor is a VAMPIRE!

Hel and Loki

Transferred from old account. Something I drew after watching Thor Loki and Hela (Part

I really love all these young Thor and Loki pictures, so cute! Dude- loki has a little kitty!

Btw, Jane FROster killed me.

DogThor CatLoki: Throne by LittleDarkDragon on deviantART << ehehehe