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In which Chris Robinson asks animators profound and inane questions that have little to do with animation. This week's guest is Russian animator, Konstantin Bronzit

The Tale of The Three Brothers. A short film with in a feature film. I just like this stylised animated short from the 7th Harry Potter movie, its full of atmosphere and is well crafted.

The Tale of The Three Brothers animation from Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows. This is a great little fairy tale, as well as an exquisite animation.


In a world depleted by man, the only glimmer of hope is the memory of a forgotten past but careful not to be outdone by his dreams.

Reverso by ArtFx. Barney vit avec son père Walter dans une petite maison de banlieu. Il tente de mener une vie normale, même si Barney est différent: Sa gravité est inversée...

Reverso Barney lives with his father, Walter, in a littler suburban house. He tries to live a normal life eventhough Barney is different: His sense of gravity is inverted. A film by: Kimberly Honma / Clément Lauricella and Arthur Seguin.

Camératage  #video #3d #animation

Camératage #video #3d #animation

Oru Burus on Vimeo

Oru Burus Once upon a time, there was a little king who lost control of the sun. A Supinfocom graduation movie co-directed by Anton Brand, Guillaume Klein, Charlotte Quillet and Raphaël Théolade.


Do I Have Power by Carlos De Carvalho. A young boy wanders in the nature and discovers insects.

Portals by Viktor Mazhlekov. The philosophy behind this unique and mesmerising short is that we're not alone and everything in our universe is impermanent. Then it evolved again.

Short animated film by Viktor Mazhlekov & Simeon Sokerov Produced by Studio Sokerov & Chaos Group

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/OrigamiLeFilm  Réalisé par : Joanne Smithies, Eric De Melo Bueno, Michael Moreno, Hugo Bailly Desmarchelier,…

Origami by Joanne Smithies - a lovely little short story that is absolutely captivating.

Much Better Now. A bookmark is stuck in a forgotten book that is one day knocked over by wind. It experiences its environment by surfing the pages that turn in to ocean-waves, enjoying the ride of its life. As the book cover closes light reveals new challenges.

Lisbon based studio Salon Alpin - directors Philipp Comarella and Simon Griesser - combines live-action, stop-motion and animation to tell the story of a bookmark stuck in a forgotten book that is one day knocked over by wind.

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Legendary Disney Imagineer Marty Sklar Dies at 83 - The Walt Disney Company

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First Look at the Stars of ‘The Star’ from Sony Pictures Animation

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Nexus studio director Felix Massie recreates Mr Benn in hand-drawn advert