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Pencil/colored pencil drawing by Amanda M. Chamberlin
Remarkably Detailed Sketches Portraying Memories as Tangible Items Living in a Person’s Head
too much art - septagonstudios: Eric Fan just perfect for one of my stories
Stand aside Folks..... Mickey Rat has entered the room!!! LOL...!!! Yet another one of my favorite characters to draw.  Disney's Ratatouille full of personality and character.  Here is a closeup style drawing of him not being to shy for the camera so to speak!  I love sketching with a graphite pencil.
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Just completed drawing of Pinocchio, as a wooden boy this time. I am sure someone will be happy with this little sketch.  I wish to express my continued heart felt thanks to all the folks reaching out to me for requests and kind words, as I bring it home with my love of art. I find out many love the graphite drawings, as well as the colored ones.  My favorites will always be graphite pencil and charcoal drawings.