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For my sons.

A woman's body is not dangerous, it does not cause men to do stupid things. If men do stupid things it is THEIR CHOICE.

Yeah...why are Republican conservative men so against abortions?? IT'S NOT FOR THEM AND IS NOT FOR THEIR BODIES>

Recent studies reveal that of abortions are performed on people who do not wish to be pregnant and of abortions are performed on conservative republican men.

It is our duty as feminists to protect and respect women in Hijabs. http://narwhal-noir.tumblr.com/post/157068250407/geekandmisandry-d6-da-maniac

It is our duty as feminists to protect and respect women in Hijabs. <--- lemme add to this real quick. It is our duty as PEOPLE to protect them. Not just as feminists, but as human beings

I never understood why a lot of women get called hoes and tricks for working at a strip club, but it's nothing if a man is watching them...

Reminds me of a similar quote: if you masturbate to lesbian porn, you are forever banned from denying equal rights to lesbians or any other member of the LGBT community. People are such hypocrites.

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Next time someone tells you Muslim countries oppress women, tell them this. We oppress women as well.

Man cave: an exposé

Also, men complain about being in marriages, but most of the time (because of traditional gender roles) men propose and initiate the marriage? So don't propose if you don't want marriage it isn't that hard to understand

Armstrong cancer Jolie sex object

We need feminisim because reaction to Lance Armstrong's testicle remove-ment were about his health, but Angelina Jolie's were about her loosing her status of sex symbol.

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I would also like to add "i wasn't finished" *continue talking* to this list. And also "how dare you" lol No male dominance lol

The reaction shouldn't be 'not all men are like that' it should be 'no woman should have to live in fear'

i swear to god, men raising their voice is the most terrifying thing in the whole world. they dont understand, like its an immediate panic response

Guess we should all go around in full body armor since we can't rely on human decency to protect us..

What a fucking gross mindset to think someone deserves to be saluted and raped purely because of the clothes they are wearing

Male privilege, explained by a man. Let's see if the asker suddenly understands it now.>> *Hamilton voice* here's an itemised list of 30 years disagreements *Burr voice* sweet Jesus

Male privilege, explained by a man. Let's see if the asker suddenly understands it now. << That's a real male feminist

"motivated by feelings, not gender" say the ppl who think they are too strong for feelings and pressure other men into feeling the same way................

Courts - men can fire women for being too attractive. Tell us feminists more about how you don't need feminism.