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Garlic purple food violet photography color

These humble garlic heads were the models du jour. Nice shades of purple, papery skin and what’s more, a pungent taste… _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ail confit

Dan's Garlic Bread - Le Pain à l'Ail Confit de Dan

caramelized garlic cloves in balsamic vinegar (recipe in French)

Decorative Garlic Braids with herbs for decoration

How to Braid Garlic

Learn how to braid garlic for both decorative and storage purposes. Step-by-step photos will help to show the tricky steps so that it will look gorgeous.

vintagepiken: mai 2014

Rocambole Garlic - Hot and full of flavour, they are a chef's favourite. High in sulfenic acid, which gives garlic its chilli-like burning taste, but quickly dissipates.

A Garlic print? Perfect for my kitchen!  Funnel Cloud Studio

Twenty metallic golden garlic bulbs organized in neat rows create a bold geometric pattern. The garlic was hand-carved into a block of rubber and