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Just imagine that. Like, youll be in there and when a new person comes in you'll just be like: "so whatcha in for?" And then the other persons like: (Insert fav fandom) And then being all like: " Oh shit SAME"

I'll bring the pizza, the Harry Potter books, the mortal instruments books, and the dark artifices books.

Honestly my favorite video by the Dolan twins; "Different types of parents"

One of my Fav videos from the Dolan Twins; Different Types of parents" U guys should check it out.

This always makes me smile and laugh every time I see this

Stop putting stupid and cheesy captions on Dolan Twins pins PLEASE they're so cringeyyyyy

I would love to hang out with them it would be so much fun

for those ppl who wouldnt wanna hang out them. pls seek medical help asap cause there's something srsly wrong with you

#DolanTwins #EthanDolan

I told them about Grayson and Ethan and they looked to me like ,,WTF, yes, she is totally drugs addicted!

Uuummmm Ethans 17 now..but still the hottest guy in the planet

Because Justin is just old noddle back then but Ethan now) is the strongest person on earth 😂😍🔥