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Nordion has agreed to sell Targeted Therapies business whose sole product is targeted liver cancer therapy, TheraSphere, to BTG for US $200 million.

WTF is a TheraSphere for Liver Cancer?

TheraSphere Animation: Liver Cancer Therapy, Radioembolization (U.S. Version)

An excerpt of the video created for one of our clients. This mechanism of action animation or MOA animation of drug delivery microspheres shown here to ta.

WTF is Synchronous Chemoradiation? | cancerhawk. Visit cancerhawk.com to find resources for anyone living with cancer - patients, survivors and caregivers alike. Find valuable cancer support services, inspiring quotes and messages, financial assistance and aid, tips on navigating cancer and detailed cancer information. http://cancerhawk.com/cancer-support-services/

STOCKHOLM -- Local recurrence in early breast cancer occurred less often in women who received synchronous chemoradiation rather than sequential therapy,.

Gabe's Chemo Duck Program...I have a student who has cancer- I will be doing something like this with his class starting in 2 weeks.

Willem still has his Chemo Duck!a unique play therapy tool for helping children understand cancer treatments

Hugwraps... an alternative to those yucky hospital gowns

HugWraps are warm, cozy, kimono-style alternatives to those yucky hospital gowns.

Magic Mouthwash - also known as Miracle Mouthwash - To treat the pain associated with such mouth sores & ulcers,  oncologists typically prescribe either Magic Mouthwash or Miracle Mouthwash to give patients temporary relief.  Although these mouthwashes are quite different from each other, many doctors use the terms interchangeably.

To treat the pain associated with such mouth sores & ulcers cause by cancer treatments, oncologists typically prescribe Magic Mouthwash or Miracle Mouthwash

Wig Out Program provides FREE wigs to women with breast cancer in Arizona.

The Live and Give Foundation offers free wigs to breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who live in Arizona.