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I showed my brother a few of these… and he doesn't watch SPN… but still found them ridiculous yet humorous.

The glorious sounds of our fandom. XD Except the first. that was plain bitchface, nothing even had to be said.<<They're missing the "Dean Randomly Dies In The Shower" subtitle

Winchester brothers!!! lol loved this!!!

Halloween. Level: Winchester

Supernatural - I think you have had enough - This scene, man.You can practically see Jared trying to hold it together. It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

You can see the happiness drain out of them I'm gonna go crawl in a hole and die now bye.

Over the years they've lost their happiness and given the fandom so many feels. But if you look at it backward, it's even more heart-breaking!

funny Supernatural brothers posing

And this is why I like Supernatural better than Gossip Girl.<==No, darling, this is why Supernatural is better than EVERYTHING.

Dean Winchester timeline.

Mrs.Sarah Crowley on

[SET OF GIFS] Dean Winchester timeline- this would make like no sense to someone who hasn't watched Supernatural lol

Winchester sass, even to God. I swear, these guys make me laugh so often, it almost makes up for the crying

All In The Family // Sam You told God to cool it? Yes. Yes, he did. Because he is Dean Winchester.

Sam: What are you doing? Dean: Leaving our mark. #Supernatural 12x18 "The Memory Remains" - I cried during this scene.

The ep was meh but when they did this. I had tears in my eyes. And I remembered why I watch this show