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Gemini- this is true to an extent. We let those that are closest to us see or know what's going on. I've had ppl tell my Mom that they didn't even realize I dealt with depression bc I always seemed so happy. Pretty much my family see how it affects me!

Love to talk initially. . . . if I can't talk to you I  don't feel like I need you. ....later talking is not necessary as much I just need to trust your intentions and availability

How To Attract Gemini: -Love to talk.a lot. -Speak your mind and teach them interesting things. -Engage in festivities with them, they will do most activities. -Be honest! Once trust is lost, it's a done deal.

Gem in amorado

Gemini in love True. All except the part about living us being a death wish. It's only a death wish if you are the wrong one!

Hell yeahh!

Hell yeahh!