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Funniest road signs

That is one large duck. oh wait it is a horse eve though it says duck crossing. Sign is confusing, high cognitive effort


A photo of a road sign in Greece. Method of Payment E-pass, Smart pass, or other means of payment, a police officer holding you in a dirty position.

how is the guy gonna pay the fine after he dies? the family will pay the fine then sue the company for the stupid way they keep people off the wires.

The Stupid Sign Post

Funny and hilarious signs: Funny warning signs: Touching wires causes instant death.

Poo Ping Thai - Funny Signs

WARNING: 30 Funny Signs - Please Proceed Cautiously

‘Jaw is on the floor': GOP nabs the governor’s seat in the heart of Obama country! - 11/04/14 - "Wow. Even Illinois. Dude."

When hell freezes over., When hell freezes over. pics, Signs pictures, When hell freezes over. pictures, When hell freezes over.

Les objets connectés sont les amis de la domotique

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Funny Signs Vol. VIII: 21 More of the Stupidly Weird

More funny signs that will keep you wondering! From bad street signs to funny store names to weird little towns, here's 21 more that some how got past the naming committee. Crazy product names

Tips for those traveling with an elderly person

12 Tips for those traveling with an elderly person

The traditional elderly crossing sign perpetuates a "damaging stereotype" that deters employers from recruiting jobseekers over the age of Dr Ros Altmann, the government tsar for the elderly has claimed.