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Centre Parcs - Bears

Centre Parcs - Bears

Dilkabear is having a print give-away on her facebook page...which has me looking at all of her beautiful work again. sigh.

Dilka Bear (aka Dilkabear) was born in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan (USSR) in lives and work in Triste, Italy

Polar Bear Party by Four Wet Feet Design

party invitations - Polar Bear Party by Four Wet Feet Design

If you search, this artist have stories behind all the Twisted Princess' too! There are two artists I believe; one was inspired by the other.

Scary Zombie Disney Princesses

Funny pictures about Creepy Zombie Disney Princesses. Oh, and cool pics about Creepy Zombie Disney Princesses. Also, Creepy Zombie Disney Princesses photos.

Wenqing Yan (19900511-d) = yuumei | Fisheye Placebo: Ch 0 - Hello World - part 2 (20130621) | by yuumei.deviantart.com on @deviantART:

Fisheye Placebo: Ch 0 - Part 2 Hello World by yuumei.

Ariel 〖 Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Flounder Sebastian fireworks 〗

" Follow The White Rabbit"

White Rabbit concept art by, Kei Acedera on imaginism deviant art.


More good concept art mixed with a lil' trashy ill conceived fan service.


Free Clip Art Cute Art by Bobby Chiu - Cute Little Fairy and the Owl Cartoon Wallpaper

INFJs strange enthusiams seem perfectly normal to them until someone points out the obvious. Fortunately, they soon forget to care that they have strange interests, and continue, either unapologetically or obliviously, onward.

All Dolled Up by Bobby Chiu, who is not only an amazing digital painter, but also the owner of Imaginism Studios in Toronto. His work is cute and very unique compared to most digital art out there.