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Spring season of rebirth'

The color red is the common denominator for flowers that attract hummingbirds. A bird on the wing has found man looking up in envy, but a hummingbird by the feeder can stir up within him how awesome is his God.

Beginning of the season ~ Painted Bunting

~~Beginning of the season ~ Painted Bunting by Chris Johnson~~ [per previous pinner]

I love when Dad tells the story about "Robbie" and competing with him to see who sees the first robin in Spring!

I remember lifting the window blind many cold mornings as a little girl living on Lake Erie, hopefully searching the limbs of the trees next to our bedroom window for a glimpse of a red-breasted robin with its promise that spring had arrived.


Don't forget when designing your garden that you won't be the only one using it. Remember to make a space for wildlife to enjoy your little slice of nature. - Bluebirds in the garden.