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The amazing Sukhoi T-4 bomber, the Soviet Union’s answer to the North American XB-70A Valkyrie

planed: “ The amazing Sukhoi bomber, the Soviet Union’s answer to the North American Valkyrie ”

Sukhoi Su-25UB - Russia - Air Force | Aviation Photo #2220903 | Airliners.net

Russian "Frogfoot" (two-seat trainer) - close air support aircraft

Fighting the traffic! You're next

airsoftgrenades: “ Transport of seventeen in Linköping where the SAAB headquarters is based. The year was (x/post from r/Sweden) —- Military Shop: ”

Vì sao Su-35 Nga khiến các phi công Mỹ lái F-22, F-35 phải "chết khiếp"? - Lao Động

Practically the entire ideology of a fifth-generation fighter has been realized in the shape of the This gives Russia the potential to set about creating a sixth-generation combat aircraft, ahead of all other nations.

N♡T. Chengdu J-20 "Чёрный Орёл"

Chengdu ( Chinese cutting edge stealth technology ) Well not perfected to standards of American stealth engine heat masking technology, but certainly getting there as radar semi invisible design wise !