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Final degree project for Politecnico di Torino - Layout
Maps are an interesting motif of a journey,however I think they add too much business in a lot of pieces,and so detail has to be cut out of the subject,such as tone and shadowing in this piece shown. It represents a physical journey throughout a place, and provides a detailed canvas,however I do not think I would carry this idea forward to a final piece.
C1 AQA Chemistry Revision Posters
1897 map of central London - Shoreditch and Bank. One of the best SS projects my students and I did was to create imaginary towns. The students and I negotiated a rubric after studying our textbook, they set to work, and we all enjoyed their efforts!
Excellent revision mats for B2.
인천디자인지원센터 6기 서포터즈 Final PPT