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graffiti, Shoreditch

graffiti, Shoreditch

intervenções urbanas natureza

10 intervenções urbanas que interagem com a natureza

StepArt Street art is there to surprise and inspire us, to shake up the often dull urban environments in which it can usually be found in order to give us a

Las calles pueden llenarse de arte cuando la creatividad se une con las ganas. :)

Come here, kitty. British street artist JPS shows this cat's graceful balance on a wall in Barcelona, Spain. Can you walk the chain as confidently?-via Street Art Utopia.

El arte de Argentina será una fuente de inspiración. En este pintura una bailarina se expresa. Es interesante que la figura haya bailado.

Congratulations Brant Bojorques Financial Literacy B Class Completion

Street art // colorful murals // murals // geometric street art EDUARDO KOBRA S2 #FredericClad #THEFARM

Brazilian Graffiti Artist Paints World's Largest Street Mural for the Rio Olympics

Street art // colorful murals // murals // geometric street art - Tap the link to shop on our official online store!

The reason why I have chosen this is beacuse I like the way they have created a keyboard onit the staris

10 Inspiring Street Art Photos

Beautifully Painted Stairs From All Over The World----Valparasio, Chile. In Valparaiso, Chile, you can walk up a flight of piano-like stairs. It’s just too bad you can’t play a tune too.

The under world!!!  Give me a rope and raft, I'm going down...let me go!!!...I gotta see what's down there!!!...let go of me!!!............

Chalk Art, West Dock, England photo and art by edgar mueller Illusions Street Art 1 Street art Amazing Art Collection

Iranian Flowers. Street art in Tehran. Street Art in Iran: Social Commentary on the Streets of Tehran on TheCultureTrip.com. Click the image to read the article. (Image via facebook.com). u love ART ? check the link  http://stores.ebay.com/urban-art-designs https://www.etsy.com/shop/urbanNYCdesigns?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Street Art In Iran: Social Commentary On The Streets Of Tehran

A Pair of Window Shades Overlook Greece by ‘Achilles’  #streetart #art #graffiti

What perfect placement for this quick spray piece by graffiti artist Achilles, seen in his native Greece earlier this year.