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Ergonomic Wheelchair features wide arm pads for extra support, folding back rest, detachable swing-away footrests, and a Tube-in Center foot-plate that provides extra support for the leg muscles. Ergonomic wheelchairs provide a comfortable option for mobility impaired users who have the upper body strength to propel themselves, or a caregiver. Curved like an s shaped seating frame providing anti slippage support and comfort unmatched and also the upholstery

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SideMinder Wheelchair Supports

SideMinder Wheelchair Supports

Lightweight, compact-folding wheelchairs for children, teenagers, and young adults let go anywhere, while still ensuring proper positioning and support. Going to school, appointments and even on vacation is possible with the convenient, lightweight design. Just fold it up and put it in trunk. Foldable Wheelchair by features a powder coat steel frame with durable nylon upholstery and padded armrests. Composite mag wheels with maintenance-free bearings and composite handrims make for a smooth…

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Manish Steel Works Established in the year 1982 by Mr. Kishore Kumar Batra, We are unique well renowned largest Tricycle, Wheelchair, Wheelchairs, Handicapped Products Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We have a large selection of product in India to help our customers live a pleasurable, efficient lifestyle both inside and outside of their home.  The wheelchair comes in variations allowing either manual propulsion by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hand, or electric…

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Golden Technologies GP160 LiteRider PTC >>> Read more  at the image link.

The new Golden LiteRider PTC travel power chair is compact and convenient. The LiteRider has a tight turning radius. Interested in the Golden LiteRider PTC?

A reclining wheelchair allows several key parts of the device, including the foot rests and backrest, to be adjusted to accommodate various needs and positions. Reclining wheelchairs are high back wheelchairs that allow the user to recline from a 90 degree position down to 180 degree position. Reclining wheelchairs have handbrake-like controls that release the back and lock it into place. Reclining wheelchairs are equipped with removable full support headrests, swing away elevating leg rests

Karman Healthcare VIP 515 18 Tilt in Space Reclining Transport Wheelchair. Product number sold by Karman Healthcare. VIP 515 18 seat Tilt in.

Loading mobility scooter on hitch mounted aluminum carrier

Silver Spring Aluminum Scooter & Wheelchair Carrier

Our lightweight, affordable scooter carrier fits a Class III or IV hitch, giving you the freedom to bring your mobility scooter anywhere.