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It does help a little when you're painting even the simplest of flowers on a landscape background to have a rough draft of how it will look even if it is just

O hepatica nobilis é uma planta herbácea perene, pertencente à família Ranuncolacee, é nativa da Ásia e do continente Europeu. O hepatica nobilis é uma pequeníssima planta vivaz, muito rara nas planícies, mais frequente nas montanhas. Cresce em bosques e lugares úmidos, onde atapeta o pé das árvores frondosas, prefere a frescura das matas.

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Colorado Columbine - by Lynn Bauer - Blue Columbine: The columbine (from the Latin word for dove, columba), is a circlet of petals thought to resemble doves. The blue columbine is a symbol of fidelity, and often appears in paintings of Mary.

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Bali flowers in an object of their paintings with traditional style and modern style.

Tradičné Pivoňka šablóna na stiahnutie (Image ID: 18698335) _ _ Počítam psd materiál iný sieťový

Tradičné Pivoňka šablóna na stiahnutie (Image ID: 18698335) _ _ Počítam psd materiál iný sieťový

I could have a wisteria board!

wisteria is absolutely the most beautiful thing. Most people dont like it cuz they say it chokes the trees, but as it hangs like clusters of grapes I am hypnotized.

Sparaxis tricolor,

My picture for September some really bright Sparaxis flowers or Harlequin Flowers

Alaska state flower, forget-me not

The legend of the name forget-me-not: A medieval knight and his lady were walking beside a river. The knight held a bouquet in his hands. Because of the weight of the armor, he fell into the water. He threw the bouquet to her, saying, "forget-me-not.


Bildarchiv Hepatica japonica ’Murasaki Shikibu’, Japaisches Leberblümchen by…


If you're looking for a tattoo to symbolize a huge shift in your life, you could do a good deal worse than the dahlia tattoo.