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Asian Peace Signs

Funny pictures about Asian Peace Signs. Oh, and cool pics about Asian Peace Signs. Also, Asian Peace Signs photos.

High Expectations Asian Father - this family is about to be minus a son

High Expectations Asian Father plays on the stereotype of demanding, perfection-seeking Asian parents, as they push their children past the limits of endurance in matters of education and overall performance.

Can you relate? Are you Filipino? What is your stereotype?

You know you're Filipino if.well, I am not Filipino, but already doing many of these because of learned habbit na!

Have you ever been so Asian - meme - http://jokideo.com/have-you-ever-been-so-asian-meme/

"Have you ever been so Asian, that you played Jenga on a roller coaster" This made my day

Statistically Asian is the most common ethinic population in the world.

Stop telling Asian women they're exotic, rare, submissive, etc. It's insulting and disgusting. <<<<--- as an Asian woman I agree.

Asian problems? What is this talking about? I have this problem all the time!!

Funny pictures about Asians and their problems. Oh, and cool pics about Asians and their problems. Also, Asians and their problems.