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BIGBANG EVOLUTION // G-Dragon ,Daesung ,TOP ,Seungri , and Taeyang - 7 Fantastic Years of BIGBANG ♡

the evolution of bigbang so glad TaeYang got rid of his braids ugh! All kpop idol groups seem to have a phase where at least one member gets the absolute worst haircut in history lol

the cycle will never stop

This is totally me. Just Tao is enough to throw me through a loop, not to mention all of BTS B.P, BIG BANG, AND many many more.

Keep calm and saranghae kpop

The Sex Files: 7 Healthy Ways to Love Your Body

B1A4 everyone looks cool... And then there's the one at the bottom..


I like how Jinyoung, CNU, Baro and Sandeul are all smooth and sexy, and then you have Gongchan beaming like a kid who got ice cream after his bedtime.

8 Reasons K-Pop Fans Are The Most Passionate Of All Fans. (and there are actually wayyy more then listed on this site.) EX: the dedication of the subbers, the girls who film at concets, the photographers with big freakin cameras... and the great lengths foreing fans have to go through to get/see anything kpop/kdrama related. ect...

For my future house! I would change 1 or 2 steps, but I will definitely need to add more stairs!

Well he doesn't look better when there are subtitles or not. He still looks the same.

i love how this meme still applies to me, like, i used to associate it with them guys and now i associate it with kpop idols


Looks like the cuties have more up their sleeves, as they reveal undisclosed poster cuts for their world tour 'Road Trip'.'Big Issue', the charit…