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Goliath beetles (Goliathus) are the largest insects in terms of bulk and weight. They can reach over 4 inches long, which doesn’t sound like much, til you look at the picture. The beetles are native to the African tropics, where they subsist on tree sap and fruit.

Goliath beetles (Goliathus) are the largest insects in terms of bulk and weight. that's a big bug!

Mary Mary Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow? with beetle shells and cockle doodles...

WHEN will car designers offer us more car colors? They should be inspired by these beautiful beetles / bugs.

Lampropelma violaceopes (Singapore Blue) Finally have this one!

The Singapore Blue, (Lampropelma violaceopes), is a stunning Asian arboreal Tarantula found in Malaysia and Singapore. Among the blue tarantulas, it's one of the most spectacular. Photo by Rick C.

˚Butterfly (Helicopis gnidus) ~ now this is just plain CREEPY... looks like a beautiful moth/butterfly being attacked by a horrendous spider of the most horrible kind... talk about your 'beauty and the beast'...

Helicopis Gnidus Butterfly~~this baby almost looks like it has a spider attacking it.


Liz Hulteen would love this unusual butterfly. If only someone would show this photo to her. Punchinello butterfly, Zemeros flegyas, a small butterfly found in South Asia and Southeast Asia.


butterfly - photo/picture definition - butterfly word and phrase image

lunar moth for future tattoo

Mariposa da Lua (Actias luna): A mariposa mais linda do mundo!/ Luna moth: the most beautiful moth in the world!

Feather horned Longicorn

metallic body , metallic antenna - it's wearing Alexander Calder earrings, really.

Luna moth.

Moon Moth or Luna Moth: When I went out for my walk this morning I came across this moon moth and I thought of you.