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U sure u wanna keep pokin' at that bear ol' dude? {GM}

U sure u wanna keep pokin' at that bear ol' dude?

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Haha - you Carmelites probably can't help but think of St. Teresa's quote beginning, "the world is all in flames..."

Funny pictures about Ikea Crucifix. Oh, and cool pics about Ikea Crucifix. Also, Ikea Crucifix photos.

Why didn't I think of that!

It's a taser. It's for your snoring. An older couple in bed. The woman has a taser and the man is upside down on the floor on his head. Click if you have a snorer in your life.

Memory loss

Memory loss

Spectickles: It's NASA - they need an indestructible material for the harshness of space. They heard about your pancakes.

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