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The Walking Dead  (Never show up at noon)

Of course Best Movies Ever had to do a Top Ten list of horror movies with Halloween coming up quickly, but with 'The Walking Dead' coming back for Season we decided to do a best zombie movie list. Let the disagreeing commence!

How to psychologically treat a walking corpse--"Cotard's delusion"

How to psychologically treat a walking corpse

stupid carl #LMFAO

Top two thing that will get you killed in a Zombie Apocalypse: Hysterical Woman Stupid Kid

shane [walking dead]

Shane was that guy though. Also, the Shane zombie exemplified the depth of the contagion and proved that they would all indeed rise - no matter how they died.

zumbis amados!

Well first and foremost I wanted to share about my No Makeup Challenge Day. One of my coworkers challenged me to wear NO makeup and I .