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*whispers* there's this thing you can do to make it look like someone reblogged something when they actually didn't *slowly fades away*

Is this the real life. is this just phantasy<<<caught in a phanslide, no escape from reality

I think we have all been there...

is anyone else having an existential crisis? if so, feel free to talk to me in the comments bc I am too

Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

"'Dan and Phil' Dan" Yep that's how you know who it is now. This is "Dan and Phil" Dan. Oh, you want to speak to "Dan and Phil" Phil?

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Definitely DO NOT stop recorder playing Dan. It's for the sake of humanity.

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At least him grandma can text, my sent me a picture of a tree stump and then when she saw me later that day she's like, "Niña, you get me voicemail?

"Danisnotonfire & Amazingphil " by ohwell-rachel ❤ liked on Polyvore

"Danisnotonfire & Amazingphil " is weird that when I first started watching them was because they look like emo boys?

Shit this is actually true omg

Um, did it ever occur to anyone that if a person is talkin to you, you are supposed to look at them?<<<<< come on person let the ship sail.<<<<bro but do people look at the person that is talking the wAY DAN IS LOOKING AT PHIL

The sass

The sass is strong with these ones<<<it actually makes me sad that Dan can't talk about his brother because of the phandom<< exactly, we'll never get to see Dan's brother because of the phandom and it's sad