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想像を超えたネタぽさwww 深海にいるエビがめちゃ寿司っぽかった。 | @Atsuhiko Takahashi (アットトリップ)  (via http://attrip.jp/107244/ )

想像を超えたネタぽさwww 深海にいるエビがめちゃ寿司っぽかった。 | @Atsuhiko Takahashi (アットトリップ) (via http://attrip.jp/107244/ )


My friends turtle hitched a ride on his Fire Eel. via Went to a book sale today. I think the word they were looking for was "Spies".

Self Esteem, Why Are You So Small?

Self Esteem, Why Are You So Small? "Elf esteem" has seen lotr one too many times (and so have I cuz I'm here like "saaaaammmeee")

Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer THE BIG FOUR? I think Kirk Hammett would agree that Exodus could fill that green rectangle.no disrespect to Anthrax!

When you're bored at work.

Funny pictures about Strategically placed stickers. Oh, and cool pics about Strategically placed stickers. Also, Strategically placed stickers photos.



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First thing that came to mind

First thing that came to mind

ハロウィンでカオナシに本気でなりきった幼稚園児 お母さんに話を聞きました


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